Furniture Removal Tips and Tricks

So, you’re up to the herculean task of disposing your old furniture. We can feel your being bothered by all this junk (not to mention the stench it brings)- the old ratty couch, the loud-as-a-fighter-jet refrigerator, the unsafe trampoline. You hope to get them lost in any vortex you can think of. But you know you can’t just simply wish there was a vortex to vacuum all of your waste. You need to come up with a solid plan for furniture removal and a hefty amount of patience. Lucky you, we have listed down five (4) tips to assist you with your challenge.

1- List the unwanted things online

You are going to be surprised what you find in the internet, so why don’t you join the bandwagon (far more worse than your old couch, noisy refrigerator, and unsafe trampoline)? There are buyers who are willing to move a large furniture as long as you offer them a good price. You need to charge a little lower because they will be paying for the transportation. Keep an eye on local rates for old furniture, specifically if they are on for a garage sale. You should have a lower price compare to them. It may seem as if you’re not gaining much, but profit should now come as a reward and the greater need to dispose the item should be your priority.

2 – Put a sign “free” on the item

This is often the move of many urban residence, when you put something on the side, just turn around and as soon as you check your window, the item is already gone. If you’ll make it free, you can get rid of literally almost anything. But when we say almost anything, free signage can work in almost anything. We suggest you only have it with moderately-sized items: chairs; file cabinets, and tables. Aside from that, passerbys won’t just hastily stop and haul it in their car. You also have to make sure you’re in an area of high-foot traffic.

3 – Give it to Someone as a Present

If you’re not able to find someone to buy your furniture, then you may be able to find a friend who is willing to have it for you. You can take pictures of it and email it to them, so they can decide whether to have it or not. Also, help them load it into the truck, but the ease of disposing your old fixture makes the giving worth your energy.

4 – Donate it to charities or organizations

There are many charities who are willing to have the furniture as long as they are still usable. Yes, it is imperative of you to use your own judgment. Utilize this tip if it’s still in good condition and so you can dispose your furniture into someone’s home. You need to inquire your community newspaper or search for an organization over the Internet. Some organizations will only pick your items if you setup and appointment to them about the items you want to donate.

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