Eyelash Extension Tips 

People, particularly the women, are fond of taking care of themselves, especially on how they look. However, in this very busy world, everyone are always in a hurry with lesser and lesser time to devote for themselves. Most women nowadays do not even have the patience or time to apply artificial eyelashes every day. They do not even have the time to use a curler for their eyelash. This is the reason why that in recent years, eyelash extension has become very useful and popular. Maybe even you yourself is struggling with this kind of make-up activity. But the question is, how far will you go for a charming Beyonce or Adele looking eyes? There are so many factors to consider in having eyelash extensions, and there are so many allergies and irritations that can occur. Recently, Hollywood actress Kristin Chenoweth applied a lash glue that contains formaldehyde that resulted to an allergic reaction and ended up having eyelid lips, and many other cases that happened due to allergic reaction from eyelash extension. Just by knowing this you might have apprehensions in trying this beauty treatment. Fortunately, eyelash expert Courtney Akai wrote tips on how to decipher this type of beauty treatment. 

Eyelash Extension

To start with, the most common types of eyelash extensions are synthetic, mink and silk. The availability of its size ranges from six millimeters to seventeen millimeters. After you have selected your preferred type of eyelash extension, you can apply it one at a time using a semi-permanent glue that is specially formulated to not damage the natural lash and irritate your eye. There may be instances that allergic reactions may occur. If that happens, all you need to do is choose a different type of glue based on your eye’s own sensitivity.  

Eyelash extensions also usually takes two hours to properly apply. However, it can be maintained a year-round if you go for touch-ups every four to five weeks. However, if you want to have an economical alternative that can still achieve a similar dramatic effect, you can go for half set of lashes. Everyone has different set of eyelashes. Because of these, eyelash experts will only go for a certain thickness or length depending on the condition of your natural eyelashes to ensure its healthiness. While applying the eyelashes, there can be mistakes that will be done. It is also a difficult job to apply glue and making sure it won’t get into your eye. Always observe safety in applying the lashes. You can start by choosing the kind of glue that is not irritant to your eyes. If you hire a professional eyelash technician, they are capable of putting eyelashes without infection. However, some allergic reactions cannot be prevented but rest assured that it is not that harmful to you.  

This are just some of the tips that you need to know if you want to get your own eyelash extension. If you want to achieve this kind of beauty, go to an eyelash extension professional and get your own eyelash extension for a new and beautiful looking you. 

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